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Home of Acrogorpon, the fast paced multiplayer shooter.


**News 08/06/14**

The finalized re-write of Acrogorpon is 70% completed. The new code has been optimized from the ground up and is looking very promising. Once complete, the

graphical re-haul will begin "New 3D models etc...". More to come!


**News 06/30/14**

Version 3.07.04 is available for download!

This update is a big one, there are over 27 changes/fixes.

Several of those are important fixes.

To see a complete list of changes visit the Acrogorpon page.

Don't forget to check out the section called "Servers".

This page displays real time server information that you can use to join through the game or even through the page itself "pending an Xfire update"

As a reminder if you would like to show your support for Acrogorpon, please subscribe, join, comment, like and up vote when ever the chance arises and spread the word.



Version 3.07.xx (Demo) Available for download!

About this update:

This is the latest demo version of Acrogorpon.

A lot of work has gone into improving the overall performance of the game.

You will notice faster load times, uncapped frame rate and better optimization.

This demo also contains an important change that no longer requires the redistributable runtime DLL files.

The player visuals have changed. You will notice the original demo's 3D characters make an appearance again.

These graphics have been touched up and changed for better optimization.

You may also notice that an additional map has been introduced along with the game type "LDM" which was previously only available in the full version.

Additionally you will noticed a lot of other features/improvements have been made to the gameplays overall functionality.

While this update is one of the larger updates that has been released for Acrogorpon, the demo still falls short of the overall performance goal.

In order to keep the gameplay running at playable frame rate, the maximum number of players has been capped at 12.

As always any feedback relating to the demo will go towards improving the full game and any potential demo updates.

If you like the game vote for it below.